MB39 - Madness - Le Palace & Théâtre de l'Empire 1980

Le Palace

01. Swan Lake
02. Razorblade Alley
03. Land Of Hope & Glory
04. In The Rain
05. The Young & The Old
06. In The Middle Of The Night
07. The Prince
08. Rockin' in Ab
09. Night Boat To Cairo
10. Madness

Recorded Live at Le Palace, Paris, France, 20th January 1980

Théâtre de l'Empire

11. One Step Beyond
12. My Girl
13. Swan Lake
14. Razor Blade Alley
15. Night Boat To Cairo
16. Madness
17. Don't Quote Me On That

Recorded live at the Théâtre de l'Empire, Paris, France, January 1980
for the french TV show "CHORUS"


Mister B said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for This! Fantastic....

David said...

THanks Mister B

Anonymous said...

C'est la bande son de mes 17 ans!
Je ne ratais pas une émission de Chorus et j'enregistrais tout sur des k7 audio. Malheureusement, je me suis tout fait voler. Il me reste juste Joe Jackson. Merci de mettre ça à disposition. Putain, 30 ans !

King Of Soul said...

Thanks a lot. The film of the concert has just been released on dvd here in france. It's worth a look!